Exploring the Delightful World of America’s Most Famous Local Jerky Fairs

Welcome to the flavorful journey into America’s most celebrated Local Jerky Fairs. The land of liberty, America, is known for its rich cultural and gastronomical heritage. Amidst these delights, local jerky fairs stand out as a unique attraction for both residents and tourists. These popular events are a meat lover’s paradise, showcasing the best of American jerky in various flavors. The divine taste of jerky made from different types of meat, spiced up with traditional condiments, leaves everyone asking for more. People from various parts of the country flock to participate and relish the tasty offerings from these fairs.


  1. Jerky Fest, Washington D.C.

  2. Big Sky Jerky Fest, Montana

  3. The Great American Jerky Fest, Alabama

  4. Colorado Jerky Festival, Colorado

Jerky Fest, Washington D.C.

Boasting an amazing range of classic and gourmet jerkies, the Jerky Fest in Washington D.C. is a showcase of the country’s strongest jerky-making traditions. Many enthusiasts claim that the best jerky recipes are found here as local vendors compete to win the title of “best jerky”.

Jerky Type Popular Vendor
Beef Jerky Smith’s Gourmet Jerky
Turkey Jerky Washington Turkey Jerky Co.

Big Sky Jerky Fest, Montana

The Big Sky Jerky Fest in Montana is a carnival of meat lovers. The festival highlights the tradition of jerky making in the heart of the beautiful countryside. This annual gathering celebrates American craftmanship in the delightful world of jerky.

Most Innovative Jerky Year
Elk Jerky 2020
Bison Jerky 2019

The Great American Jerky Fest, Alabama

The Great American Jerky Fest in Alabama takes pride in its southern charm, boasting a collection of mouthwatering flavors like Cajun, Hickory Smoked, and Teriyaki. Here, jerky competitors vie for the prestigious title of ‘Alabama’s Best Jerky.’

Famous Flavor Creator
Cajun Alligator Jerky Bayou Billy’s
Hickory Smoked Deer Jerky Old South Jerky Co.

Colorado Jerky Festival, Colorado

The Colorado Jerky Festival is nothing short of a meat lover’s dreamland. With the Rocky Mountains serving as a picturesque backdrop, this festival serves up a smorgasbord of dried and salted meats. Of special note here are the local breweries’ craft beers, which are the perfect complement to the intense flavors of jerky.

Best Pairing Year
Beef Jerky & Stout Beer 2021
Chicken Jerky & Pale Ale 2020

As you can see, these local fairs are not just about jerky but are a celebration of American culture and innovation. If you are looking to try your hand in creating your own treat, here are some of the best jerky recipes